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Back…sort of.

I got back, I got a stomach virus, I dislocated my left shoulder (to note, that is my good one), and I am still working.  Anyways, I lost all my pictures from the past couple of years, both my computer … Continue reading

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Non-Refundable Zebra’s

Interesting title isn’t it? ;]  So my boss got bored at work today.  Though I can’t say that I blame him, Danny and I just work entirely too fast for our own good when it comes to the technical part … Continue reading

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LW3 – starting small

Alright, so I decided some time ago before all my posts were lost to nothingness that I was going to make LW3, complimentary to LW1&2, but entirely rebuilt from the ground up so that it had more security, a better … Continue reading

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Wow.  So I spent about 5 hours debugging my old LW code while at work today….to find out it wasn’t a problem with the code, but the MySQL ‘CREATE TABLE’ statement.  Next time I redo the LW project I may … Continue reading

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Haha, you wish

Alright, so I have been absent as of late – partly due to being disheartened when my last life blog died along with dying inside about losing all the info I gave on AJAX and my programming projects. Yeah yeah, … Continue reading

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