Ok, so I really need to buckle down and finish programming my web site for my photography.  I’ve put it off entirely too long.  Maybe I should link to this blog from the main site for those that might be interested.  On a side note, I read an article about photography and the military; imagine that, I have an invested interest in both.  Read the article here.  I posted my thoughts about the subject on his blog, but here it is for those that don’t want to look through his comments. ;]

As a soldier, and a photographer, I can see the issue in both ways. Granted, I don’t think coffins draped with flags are an invasion of a family, though it definitely can be if the photographer attaches the name of the deceased to the photo.

As for the comment of people on a high horse, and the fact that we need a herd of them. Anyone remember the Vietnam war, and the soldiers that were spit on and ridiculed for partaking in the war regardless of whether they volunteered or were drafted? Yes, please, I want to come home to my country and have a lot of high horses attacking me as they don’t see any other way to protest a war than by making the lives of soldiers difficult. A lot of people don’t agree with the war, personally, I have lost quite a few friends as it is, and there were a bunch of high horses at the funeral of these soldiers – protesting the funeral, and saying it is “God’s” will that these men and women die as they fought in an unjust war. From that, yes, I believe that taking pictures of coffins can be a security risk, not necessarily for the Government, but for those that are fighting, and their families. If people could properly channel their anger at the war, or that young men and women are dying it it so that it didn’t actually hurt those who swear the oath to defend the country that we all live in; then yes, by all means, honor those that die by taking a photograph in their memory. But I do believe the media has done their share in blemishing those that serve already as I walk down some streets and get an enormous amount of swear words flung in my direction because I swore an oath to defend those that I sometimes have doubts of deserving it.

For those that may read this and disagree with what I say, I offer you, walk a mile in our shoes and you will see how the media has affected the perception of the Soldiers that defend America. When you realize the perception, will more photo’s of coffins help or hurt the soldiers?

I don’t think I have much more to add to that actually.  Just came back from a weekend with my brother, I have a few pictures up for those interested.  Damn, I wish I could link to my own site for them right now, though, I can’t, but go to and click the link at the bottom.

Another side note, my uncle did photography for most of his life and traveled around the world seeing it and taking shots for himself.  Though he recently opened his site, so for your viewing pleasure: Marvin Cooper’s Site.

So, there’s an update, some politics, and in general a strong desire to update this more often.

I can also be found on twitter now for those that are interested.

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