Damn Learning Curve

Been a while since I programmed in PHP, even longer since PHP5…like, never. So as I go to finish my photography website I run into the issue that my server now is working with php5, so I got apache 2.2/php5 on my computer as a base of operations and….NOTHING works!  Damn me for using OOP before PHP became an OOP language! It is not backwards compatible with the messed up OOP that was available with PHP4, though I used it because everything as a ‘class’ makes things easier…until now when I have to redo that code, and LW3, to work with the new OOP engine.  I am far behind the PHP5 learning curve since I joined the army.  I am jumping back in.  Time to be a nerd again!  First, have to learn the new language. *sigh* may take longer than expected to get it up, but with real OOP it should preform a lot better once I recode it all.  Hope the army gives me time.

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