Nikon D5000 Frustration

So, I finally got my new Camera.  All is well and good, upgraded from my Nikon D50.  New features on the D5000

  • HD Movie creation (check)
  • 12.3 Megapixel’s (check)
  • Built in image-sensor cleaning (check)
  • Other settings I never touch for auto-exposure (sure, I guess, check)

Now, why am I frustrated with this?  Here are the things I have currently lost that I loved with my D50

  • Adobe Lightroom (yes, I suppose if I shot in JPEG I could use, but I use RAW (NEF for Nikon)
  • Top screen with quick view of aperture and shutter speed (Now I have to use the full size screen to view that information…waste of battery and utterly useless.  It has a screen that moves and can be folded in to protect it, if my D50 had that with the quick top view, the screen could always remain protected…now it has to be exposed to shoot making it’s ability to fold in more a hassle than a feature.
  • Feels cheap.  When I opened the box it reminded me of a cheap plastic toy.  Sure, lightweight is good, but really?
  • No need for AF-S lens’.  Should have gotten the D90….

So those are my gripes.  Please, Adobe, update your software so I can finally be happy with at least part of my new camera.

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