Haha, you wish

Alright, so I have been absent as of late – partly due to being disheartened when my last life blog died along with dying inside about losing all the info I gave on AJAX and my programming projects. Yeah yeah, I still know all the stuff I posted in my technical blog – but I shared quite a bit of useful info that I still have yet to see surpassed by a tutorial or how-to…so it would still be useful to have out there.

Anyways, that was a different blog, and this one is more about my life, my musings, and other fun stuff where I can be sarcastic as hell and annoy everyone…and hopefully people will continue to read.

Ok, now on to more important things. I went to my grandma’s memorial yesterday. I am still not dealing with it because my dad is – so don’t ask how I am holding up, when I break down and cry I will probably seek someone out to talk to.

In other news, my computer contracted a virus around the same time I started getting sick – must be irony. But with that, I am going to find the son of a bitch that made the downloader trojan and return the favor with my own virus. (ok, for all you federal agents that read this, probably not….that would be illegal…) But norton couldn’t find the bastard thing as it kept downloading torjan.vundo on to my computer. So I busted out with ‘advanced tools’ and used those to remove BHO (browser helper objects) from my computer along with the annoyingly hard-to-remove winlogin notify. The virus is known as Downloader.Agent.bkw be warned, it’s a pain in the ass, but still possible to remove it. Hell, I may even post a blog about how to remove the damn thing for other people that may have contracted it. If anyone knows the creator of it – please, let me know, I’d have fun fucking his life up 😛

Other news – Astrowars. Woot! Yeah yeah, it’s been around since 2002, playable since 2003, and I have been an admin since…2004/2005? I also help code it, currently writing more code to catch damn cheaters. At the same time I am trying to revitalize the forums as people stopped visiting and were afraid to post. But, it’s also some fun, means I get to spam my own forums a but to get people to talk 😉

On a side note – I don’t have direct access to the server to implement changes, and those could take some time to get past the owner…so I am also making a proxy to access the site (based off phProxy .5b) I would give a link, but the creator of that has since abandoned the project thinking it’s purpose became immoral. Bastard, I just want the proxy to take in a page, re-format the HTML and give it to a user on only one domain. Apparently he thought it would only be used to access sites which are otherwise unaccessible from certain places. The main one he gave was porn, so he abandoned some good code for the sake of it being immoral because he thought it would only be used for others to access porn sites. Well, oh well. I may actually take up the project of developing it further, hell as I am making my own proxy out of it, I have started to go through and comment his code since he neglected to put any comments in. But anyways, it’s some damn nice programming, and you should look it up if you program. Google it, you should still be able to find code for it.

I think that may be about enough for my first blog (again) so I will stop here. But plan on using this one again since my host is actually nice now, and not crappy. (For crappy, may I refer you to Fuitadnet, who I was with for 4 years until they removed CPanel and implemented some web-os bullshit for newbie web-page makers. Hell, I program, let me program. That wouldn’t have actually pissed me off, I rarely use CPanel anyways, the part that pissed me off was it meant I couldn’t have sub-domains. How the hell can one logically do all I do on a web-page and just base it off folders, subdomains make it possible – thus my new ending line for the blog. :D)

Thank you for reading. All this was made possible by the use of subdomains (if you can’t have them, leave your hosting service ;-P )

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