Wow.  So I spent about 5 hours debugging my old LW code while at work today….to find out it wasn’t a problem with the code, but the MySQL ‘CREATE TABLE’ statement.  Next time I redo the LW project I may do it in PHP5, though I spent all that time debugging it because I thought it was a problem with the PHP version as it was programmed and tested solely in PHP4 years back.  It wasn’t even a problem with the versioning, apparently my LW code is forward-compatible with PHP5 (thank god, as a lot of code isn’t)  Though the the version of MySQL that I programmed it for isn’t quite as lucky as some of my indexes throw an error when trying to create the tables.  Now, that seems like it would be an easy fix, just change the installer for LW so that the indexes don’t conflict with internal MySQL variables…  Yeah, I could wish.  LW consists of 6 megs (I repeat 6 MEGS) of code.  To ‘simply’ change the table structure to fit the new MySQL version, I have to go though all that code (as find/replace won’t work since my tables are partial of the true meaning and it would go and replace those too…) and manually search for each entry, make sure that it is for the DB, and change it.  Like hell if I really want to do all that.

On the other hand…I like my system and would prefer to keep using it and upgrading it.  The thought that entered my mind was to recode all of LW to make it slightly more flexible and be compatible with PHP5/MySQL5.  With that being said…that means coding a full 6 megs again instead of just looking through 6 megs and changing what is needed and then adding functionality with the months of leftover time I would have (when compared to recoding the engine).

Yeah, I am hating life right now (read: you all get to read programming vents, so if you continue reading you may hate life as well).

So, what plan of action am I going to take now, you can ask… (read: again, I never asked for your opinion on this matter).  I am going with option 3.  What the hell?  I never mentioned an option 3…  Well, that is the “FUCK THIS” option in which I work on something else for a bit until I get frustrated enough with that to create another post and sorting though 6 megs actually sounds like fun.  (read: if that ever happens, I will have probably torn out my eyes in agony – if I haven’t, and ever call that fun, shoot me.)

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