Back…sort of.

I got back, I got a stomach virus, I dislocated my left shoulder (to note, that is my good one), and I am still working.  Anyways, I lost all my pictures from the past couple of years, both my computer crashed, as well as my backup  Damn hard drives, watch me not entrust my data to a HD again, DVD’s are apparently the only way to go…and at the rate I had been taking pictures….I would have needed 100 for last year alone.  (Makes note to go stock up on DVD-R’s as well as permanent markers.)  Though, with that, I lost a lot of interest in photography.  All that work, gone.  All those damn good pictures of scenery, gone.  Now, I need to either retake them, or forget about them.  I never really was able to replicate any of my photography, don’t know if I will be able to.  I felt that it was getting worse each time as well as it was the “same old”.

Anyways, I have to get to work, and we leave again on monday.  Take care all my readers (of which there are none ;-P )

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