Reasons to Re/enlist in the Army


Whoosh!  Haha.  Yeah….so I am trying to come up with a list of reasons why anyone would want to enlist in the army – based on personal experience of course.

1. You miss your mom.
Alright, so this one needs some explaining, new quote for enlistment rather than “Army Strong” should be “Miss your mom?  Get treated like you are 14 all over again – see a local recruiter for details!”  What, not funny?  Don’t believe me?  Join and find out yourself ;-P

2. Great friends that last a lifetime. (Read: [fine print] However short that lifetime may be is subject to the Army’s need to throw people into bullets.)

3.  If they injure you, the will do surgery on you at no expense. (Though if you injure your right foot, the surgery may be on your left foot but hey, it’s good enough for government work.)  And if they do manage to do the correct surgery – you will get plenty of shit because you will most likely walk out of surgery worse than you went it. (But you had surgery, so shut up and stop complaining.)

4. Family time every thursday! (Subject to change without notice, family time is when you get off to sleep; if the army wanted you to have a family, they would have issued you one [and they do! once you want to become a general! ;-P ]

5. You get to be at the forefront of technology.  Um…yeah, that should be the Navy’s thing – they tend to be a hell of a lot closer to that than the army.

6. You get to be stationed in Hawaii! (Read: That doesn’t mean you’ll ever get to enjoy Hawaii…)

7. ….yeah nothing that’s not sarcastic., sorry to disappoint. ;]

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