I have wondered, lately especially, does my forehead have ‘Idiot’ written on it?  I wonder this because the people in charge in the army seem to think that everyone is naive or just stupid.  I called IG last week about doing PT after the duty day and about my Platoon Sergeant refusing to pass on my surgery paperwork because “He thinks I made it up” and because “he doesn’t think I need surgery”.  Well, IG called the company, and was told that there is a Battalion policy letter stating that Special pops PT is every day from 1700-1800.  Well, when I went in on friday I was given a Company memo stating that Special pops PT is from 1700-1800 and the memo was dated the 24th, and wasn’t even signed.  On the 22nd is when the company told IG there was Battalion Policy.

Ok, that’s my venting.

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