Back…sort of.

I got back, I got a stomach virus, I dislocated my left shoulder (to note, that is my good one), and I am still working.  Anyways, I lost all my pictures from the past couple of years, both my computer crashed, as well as my backup  Damn hard drives, watch me not entrust my data to a HD again, DVD’s are apparently the only way to go…and at the rate I had been taking pictures….I would have needed 100 for last year alone.  (Makes note to go stock up on DVD-R’s as well as permanent markers.)  Though, with that, I lost a lot of interest in photography.  All that work, gone.  All those damn good pictures of scenery, gone.  Now, I need to either retake them, or forget about them.  I never really was able to replicate any of my photography, don’t know if I will be able to.  I felt that it was getting worse each time as well as it was the “same old”.

Anyways, I have to get to work, and we leave again on monday.  Take care all my readers (of which there are none ;-P )

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Non-Refundable Zebra’s

Interesting title isn’t it? ;]  So my boss got bored at work today.  Though I can’t say that I blame him, Danny and I just work entirely too fast for our own good when it comes to the technical part of our job.  So, our boss decided to play trivia, and we had to run around the motor pool for each question we answered wrong.  Well, Danny and I knew that he wasn’t going to be asking questions about the system…because everyone and their damn mother know that Danny and I know more about it than anyone with the exception of the engineers that put it together. (Yes, that means we know more than the instructor that came down to teach it to everyone a year after we got our hands on it.)  Anyways, we set it u and were passing data in 15 minutes.  Holy shit, we went in at 0630 because it would have taken our boss 6 hours to set it up…and we should have let it take us that long.  So he got bored after we were done and decided that we were going to be used for his amusement (Read: why I hate the army, reason #1 … and #2… and #3…so on, you get the damn point).  So he started asking us questions…nothing about the technical system which has a year of school before you even get to touch (and then it’s only considered to be 10% of the knowledge of it you are suppose to have, so they send a ‘teacher’ out to further your knowledge from the company that designs and makes the system…and he apparently only knows 10% lol).  Alright, that was a long ramble…all to say that there is a lot that goes in to that system, and a lot you are suppose to know, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  Anyways, he started with something easy, what does ANTSC mean.  Ha! That was the hardest he had, we got it.  So he asked what USA means…apparently United States of America is wrong…he made it to be “United States Army” oh…my bad, didn’t realize you wanted an uncommon acronym for something that is never put in that form.  Navy get USN, there is USM, USAF…but army is NEVER made into USA (that I have ever seen anyways) so at that point, we knew he was just going to make us do laps for the hell of it.  So, I walk a lap, Danny runs one.

We get back, Danny first, and got the question asked what does CDI mean, another easy one…but apparently he wanted some break from thinking.  Danny got it right, and when I got back, I had the answer of “Crouching Dragon is Invisible” Yeah, ok, I am a smartass.  It actually means “Conditioned Diphase interface”.  Oops, thought he was going to try another USA one, so I had to play with the possibilities. 😉  I take another lap.  I did learn something though when I got back, that he wasn’t going to ask Danny any questions until I was rounding my way back, so Danny would never do more laps than I (yay for profiles that let you get away from some stupid shit).  Anyways, I get back and he asked what NRZ means…Danny wasn’t liking running laps, I didn’t have to run, I got a nice leisurely I didn’t mind at all. I come up, he asks, and I continue walking as I shout out “Non-Refundable Zebra’s!” So I take another stroll…Danny gets to sit down and enjoy himself for a bit…then he passes me, and I ask what the question was next; “What does GEICO stand for?” It means “Government Employed Insurance Co.”, that was something I learned today actually.  But as I come around I shout out “Giraffes Eat Indigo Candles Only”, woot, another lap 😉

By this time, my boss knows that I am fucking with him, because I knew all but GEICO  stood for.  So, he stopped asking Danny questions – I got to go solo. ;-P  I get back and he asks what USAA stands for.  Fuck, I don’t even know that one, but even if I did, I would continue my trend, there was nothing else to do anyways. “Unified Stallions Against Art!”  Woot, I get another lap. 😀

By the time I get done with that stroll, he’s gotten bored, but hell, I was having fun, come up with another acronym damnit!  (To note, he didn’t know what USAA stands for either, so I am still clueless.) But he stopped asking questions, I asked if I could start asking him questions and he promptly denied being questioned by Danny and me…pity, we could have had him running around the motor pool all day just on technical questions about the system., without having to change anything or get stupid with it.  But hey, I had fun, I killed his fun as he tends to be the kind of person to get enjoyment off other’s pain…and I was very clearly having fun with a wide grin the entire time. 🙂

So, in short, my day was fun, and I walked a few miles as well, so everything turned out alright. 😉

CDI =  Crouching Dragon is Invisible
NRZ =  Non-Refundable Zebra’s
GEICO = Giraffes Eat Indigo Candles Only
USAA = Unified Stallions Against Art

😉  Have a wonderful day!  I head back out on mission next Wednesday…woot. lol

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LW3 – starting small

Alright, so I decided some time ago before all my posts were lost to nothingness that I was going to make LW3, complimentary to LW1&2, but entirely rebuilt from the ground up so that it had more security, a better UI, and all that fun stuff.   Well, it has come to my attention that I don’t like trying to build from the ground up anymore.  I have LW2, I used it for so long in fact that I forgot how to make a system like it again, with that much customization allowed, and efficient.  So, in lieu of that, I am going to start small with it.  Calling it more a templating system, or authorization system rather than start with the name LW3.  Doing that, I can build it in pieces rather than try and get a while system up and running quickly.  In reality of the entire scope of the LW3 project, it will be the authorization module, and the DB module already exists to use with it from when I was upgrading LW2.  That is the base of the LW system to begin with.  So it will have user authentication, then module authentication, then group authentication.  Not all at once, but building on it after the user authentication works and I start making it into LW3.

Now, why is it important for me to build a system from the ground up rather than using the base I already have?  Well, the base I have for authentication doesn’t work with the new secure (and Patent Pending I may add) authentication module that I am wanting.  This module will include both AES and RSA encryption to get things done.  It will make AKO (Army Knowledge Online) look like child’s play when viewed in the manner of security.  Yet…it will be simplified for user-requirements more so than AKO as well.  A user will only have one password.  They will never see their private key, the private key (CAC card for military users) will be stored in the DB.  Sure, sure, can’t that just be hacked.  Well, yes, hack the RSA encryption used for the private key…  I am sure it can be done, why not, eventually you can brute force anything.   But then, before you can even get to that step, you have to hack the 256bit RijnDael encryption using the user’s password+salt hash that is used to encrypt the RSA encryption.  Yes, it’s somewhat redundant, yes, the password for the two different encryptions are different. (yes, you can say ‘oh shit’ now, as you would never expect me to make it that easy, would you?)  Then, once you get past both of those (oh yes, forgot to mention that the password inputed by the user is hashed with a different salt and added to itself to get the final key of 1028bits, so that makes the brute forcing easy – you know you can skip trying any key between 1-1027bits ;] ) you will be able to impersonate the user and read their email.

Does all that sound like too much work for a hacker?  Why yes, yes it does.  It takes a hacker to know how to stop a hacker is the saying I believe, so good luck hacking my system fuckers. ;]

And that is just the rundown on part of the patent, the other part is dealing with files, and the emails that are sent via the public key, you see, everything else (other than the private key) is encrypted using a one-time key. (read: by god, by the time I hack just one email, and I won’t even know if it’s the one I am looking for, I will be old enough that I won’t care, or it will be my great-grandkids watching the screen to see when it’s done.)

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Wow.  So I spent about 5 hours debugging my old LW code while at work today….to find out it wasn’t a problem with the code, but the MySQL ‘CREATE TABLE’ statement.  Next time I redo the LW project I may do it in PHP5, though I spent all that time debugging it because I thought it was a problem with the PHP version as it was programmed and tested solely in PHP4 years back.  It wasn’t even a problem with the versioning, apparently my LW code is forward-compatible with PHP5 (thank god, as a lot of code isn’t)  Though the the version of MySQL that I programmed it for isn’t quite as lucky as some of my indexes throw an error when trying to create the tables.  Now, that seems like it would be an easy fix, just change the installer for LW so that the indexes don’t conflict with internal MySQL variables…  Yeah, I could wish.  LW consists of 6 megs (I repeat 6 MEGS) of code.  To ‘simply’ change the table structure to fit the new MySQL version, I have to go though all that code (as find/replace won’t work since my tables are partial of the true meaning and it would go and replace those too…) and manually search for each entry, make sure that it is for the DB, and change it.  Like hell if I really want to do all that.

On the other hand…I like my system and would prefer to keep using it and upgrading it.  The thought that entered my mind was to recode all of LW to make it slightly more flexible and be compatible with PHP5/MySQL5.  With that being said…that means coding a full 6 megs again instead of just looking through 6 megs and changing what is needed and then adding functionality with the months of leftover time I would have (when compared to recoding the engine).

Yeah, I am hating life right now (read: you all get to read programming vents, so if you continue reading you may hate life as well).

So, what plan of action am I going to take now, you can ask… (read: again, I never asked for your opinion on this matter).  I am going with option 3.  What the hell?  I never mentioned an option 3…  Well, that is the “FUCK THIS” option in which I work on something else for a bit until I get frustrated enough with that to create another post and sorting though 6 megs actually sounds like fun.  (read: if that ever happens, I will have probably torn out my eyes in agony – if I haven’t, and ever call that fun, shoot me.)

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Haha, you wish

Alright, so I have been absent as of late – partly due to being disheartened when my last life blog died along with dying inside about losing all the info I gave on AJAX and my programming projects. Yeah yeah, I still know all the stuff I posted in my technical blog – but I shared quite a bit of useful info that I still have yet to see surpassed by a tutorial or how-to…so it would still be useful to have out there.

Anyways, that was a different blog, and this one is more about my life, my musings, and other fun stuff where I can be sarcastic as hell and annoy everyone…and hopefully people will continue to read.

Ok, now on to more important things. I went to my grandma’s memorial yesterday. I am still not dealing with it because my dad is – so don’t ask how I am holding up, when I break down and cry I will probably seek someone out to talk to.

In other news, my computer contracted a virus around the same time I started getting sick – must be irony. But with that, I am going to find the son of a bitch that made the downloader trojan and return the favor with my own virus. (ok, for all you federal agents that read this, probably not….that would be illegal…) But norton couldn’t find the bastard thing as it kept downloading torjan.vundo on to my computer. So I busted out with ‘advanced tools’ and used those to remove BHO (browser helper objects) from my computer along with the annoyingly hard-to-remove winlogin notify. The virus is known as Downloader.Agent.bkw be warned, it’s a pain in the ass, but still possible to remove it. Hell, I may even post a blog about how to remove the damn thing for other people that may have contracted it. If anyone knows the creator of it – please, let me know, I’d have fun fucking his life up 😛

Other news – Astrowars. Woot! Yeah yeah, it’s been around since 2002, playable since 2003, and I have been an admin since…2004/2005? I also help code it, currently writing more code to catch damn cheaters. At the same time I am trying to revitalize the forums as people stopped visiting and were afraid to post. But, it’s also some fun, means I get to spam my own forums a but to get people to talk 😉

On a side note – I don’t have direct access to the server to implement changes, and those could take some time to get past the owner…so I am also making a proxy to access the site (based off phProxy .5b) I would give a link, but the creator of that has since abandoned the project thinking it’s purpose became immoral. Bastard, I just want the proxy to take in a page, re-format the HTML and give it to a user on only one domain. Apparently he thought it would only be used to access sites which are otherwise unaccessible from certain places. The main one he gave was porn, so he abandoned some good code for the sake of it being immoral because he thought it would only be used for others to access porn sites. Well, oh well. I may actually take up the project of developing it further, hell as I am making my own proxy out of it, I have started to go through and comment his code since he neglected to put any comments in. But anyways, it’s some damn nice programming, and you should look it up if you program. Google it, you should still be able to find code for it.

I think that may be about enough for my first blog (again) so I will stop here. But plan on using this one again since my host is actually nice now, and not crappy. (For crappy, may I refer you to Fuitadnet, who I was with for 4 years until they removed CPanel and implemented some web-os bullshit for newbie web-page makers. Hell, I program, let me program. That wouldn’t have actually pissed me off, I rarely use CPanel anyways, the part that pissed me off was it meant I couldn’t have sub-domains. How the hell can one logically do all I do on a web-page and just base it off folders, subdomains make it possible – thus my new ending line for the blog. :D)

Thank you for reading. All this was made possible by the use of subdomains (if you can’t have them, leave your hosting service ;-P )

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